Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 3, October 2011, Pages 1-142 
Profile of Ankle Injuries in Professional Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball and Handball Premier League Female Players

Pages 25-36

nader rahnama; efat bambaeichi; azam barani; maryam rahnama; saeed abedinzadeh

The Effect of Pilates Exercise on Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain

Pages 37-55

somaye alizamani; gholamali ghasemi; hamid salehi; mohammad marandi

The Relationship between Q – Angle and Non-Contact Injuries of Lower Extremity in Male Karate Players

Pages 83-97

hosein dadgar; mansour Sahebzamani; tahmoures Noorai; esmaiel Sharifian

The Survey of Sole Arch Index and Its Relationship to Non – Contact Ankle Sprain in Athletes

Pages 99-112

mehdi erfani; mansour Sahebozamani; hamid Marefati; esmaeil Sharifian