Profile of Ankle Injuries in Professional Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball and Handball Premier League Female Players



Ankle injury is one of the most common sports injuries in contact sports. The purpose of this study was to establish a profile of ankle injuries in futsal, basketball, volleyball and handball female players (2006-2007). The data for the injury were collected using injury report forms that were completed by team physicians. Chi-square test was used to analyze the data. Out of 287 players who participated in this study, 40 ankle injuries were reported out of which 67.5% were ankle sprain. Most of ankle injuries occurred in volleyball (35%), basketball (32%) and futsal (22.5%) and lowest in handball (10%) (?2=6.2, P>0.05). The majority of ankle injuries occurred via landing (60%) and cutting and changing direction (27.5%) (?2=14.1, P<0.05). Most of injuries occurred by contact (57.7%), specially contact to another player (78.3%) (?2=0.9, P>0.05). About 52.5% of ankle injuries were not associated with previous injuries. Players who played more than 4 years as a professional athlete sustained more injures, and they also had more previous injuries (?2=0.5, P>0.05). Centers in basketball, spikers in volleyball and line players in handball sustained more ankle injuries. It can be concluded that the rate of ankle injuries in sports with landing and cutting maneuver is high, especially in professional players who perform these maneuvers more than other players. So, ankle injury should be prevented to minimize injuries.