Aims and Scope


The aim of Sport Sciences and Health Research (SSHR) is to provide a platform for researchers, scholars, and practitioners to publish innovative and high-quality research in the fields of sport sciences and health. The journal aims to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and understanding of the complex relationship between physical activity, sport, and health.


The purpose of the journal of Sport Sciences and Health Research (SSHR) is to provide a scientific, merit-based, high-quality publication platform for all relevant biomedical studies worldwide with a primary focus on sports medicine, physical activity, and the exercise-related health sciences. The primary disciplines that are covered by the journal of Sport Sciences and Health Research (SSHR) include but are not limited to clinical sports medicine; orthopedics; preventive medicine; rehabilitation medicine; physical therapy; basic and translational sports sciences including exercise physiology, exercise biochemistry, exercise molecular biology, and exercise immunology; biomechanics; motor control and exercise neuroscience; exercise epidemiology, gerontology, and nutrition; and complementary and alternative medicine.

    The journal of Sport Sciences and Health Research (SSHR) is a peer-reviewed, international, multidisciplinary journal dedicated to the advancement of sport, exercise, physical activity, and health sciences. The journal of Sport Sciences and Health Research (SSHR) publishes original and impactful research, topical reviews, editorials, opinion, and commentary papers relating physical and mental health, injury and disease prevention, traditional Iranian exercise, and human performance. Through a distinguished, carefully selected international editorial board, the journal of Sport Sciences and Health Research (SSHR) has adopted the highest academic standards, impeccable integrity, and an efficient publication platform. Fields of particular interest to the journal include (but are not limited to):  Sport and exercise medicine; Injury prevention and clinical rehabilitation; Sport and exercise physiology; Public Health Promotion; Physical activity epidemiology; Biomechanics and motor behavior; Sport and exercise biochemistry and nutrition; Sport and exercise psychology; Exercise and brain health; Physical education; Traditional Iranian sports, exercise and health.

   The scope of the journal includes the following areas:

- Behavioural and cognitive sciences in sport

- Motor control and Biomechanics in sport

- Exercise physiology and biochemistry

- Sports nutrition

- Injury prevention and rehabilitation

- Sports medicine

- Physical activity and health promotion

- Sports performance and training

- Social and cultural aspects of sport and physical activity.

   The journal encourages submissions from researchers and practitioners across different disciplines, including sports medicine, exercise science, public health, psychology, nutrition, and physical education. The editorial board is committed to ensuring that all articles published in the journal of Sport Sciences and Health Research (SSHR) undergo rigorous peer review to maintain the highest standards of quality and scientific integrity.