The Effect of Eight weeks of Quercetin Supplementation and Intermittent Exercise on Gene Expression of Muc5Ac, Muc4 and Polyphosphate in Rats with Colon Cancer.

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Master of sport sciences, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, Iran.

2 20 Noroozian

3 Imam Khomeini International University


background: expression of mucosal genes would affect the function of internal organs of the body and the digestive system, such as by creating a blockage for the progression of cancerous tumors and the failure of the target tissue, especially the large intestine.
Method: 24 rats were randomly assigned into four groups including quercetin (n=6), exercise (n=6), quercetin+ exercise and control group. colon cancer induction was provided with the use of 1,2-dimethylhydrazine for 10 weeks and daily quercetin supplementation of 50 mg/kg body weight of mice by Gavagene method. exercise protocol was performed 5 sessions per week with intensity of 60-70%, maximum speed of 23 m/min with 2-minute rest in eight weeks. ANOVA was used to analyze data. The level of significance was set at alpha p < .05.
Results: a significant difference was found in the positive gene expression of Muc5Ac and Muc4 in the four groups (p<0.05). Furthermore, a negative significant difference was observed in polyphosphate level of the four groups (p<0.05).
Conclusion: It was concluded that Intermittent exercise and quercetin supplementation would increase the expression of Muc5Ac and Muc4 genes in the large intestine of mice with colon cancer.