The Effect of 16 Weeks of Pilates Training on Trunk Core Stability in Menopausal Women

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Graduate student, University of Tehran

2 Faculty of physical education University of Tehran

3 Faculty of physical education University of Shahid Rajaee


Pilates is a series of specialized exercises that induces body and mind to influence strength, endurance and flexibility. Muscle strength reduces in women with aging and menopause. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of Pilates training on trunk core stability in menopausal women. 30 menopausal women were randomly divided into experimental and control groups. Experimental group completed 16 weeks of modified Pilates training. Trunk core stability was measured before training, after 8 and 16 weeks of training. ANOVA with repeated measures was used to compare the results of pretest and posttest. The results showed a significant interaction between group and time (P=0.00, F=13.85, df=2.48). Trunk core stability significantly increased after 8 and 16 weeks. Also, it significantly increased after 16 weeks in comparison with 8 weeks (P=0.007, F=8.668, df=1.24). 8 weeks of Pilates training increased trunk core stability and this increase continued up to 16 weeks in this training protocol. It was concluded that Pilates training not only prevented the loss of trunk core stability in menopausal women but also improved this stability.


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