The Effect of Genu Varum on Soccer Kick Performance in Adolescent Male Soccer Players



Knee joint with a complex structure suffers from several abnormalities. Genu
varum is one of these abnormalities from which 73% of soccer players suffer. The
present study was carried out to investigate the effect of genu varum on soccer kick
technique in male adolescent soccer players. This study used a comparative field
method. For this purpose, 13 soccer players with genu varum (experimental group)
and 13 soccer players with normal knee (control group) were randomly selected.
Genu varum was measured and recorded by caliper. The technique of instep soccer
kick was measured by the standardized test of Football Association of England.
Independent t test was used for statistical analysis at 95% significance. The results
showed better performance of experimental group than control group (p?0.05).
Mean score obtained in genu varum and normal group were respectively
16.53+2.50 and 12.30+3.40. The findings showed that genu varum does not
interfere with instep soccer kick technique but also improves the instep soccer kick
when compared with the normal knee group.