The Validity of an Innovative Image Processing Method to Measure Q Angle in Supine Position



Q angle variation has been reported as the most important factor in patellafemoral
pain syndrome in many researches. The purpose of this study was to
design and determine the validity of a new Q angle measurement method in supine
position. This method calculated the Q angle by processing those images captured
from lower extremity. For this purpose, 18 subjects (age23.55±2.24 years, weight
73.00±10/47 kg, and height 175.77±8.28 cm) were selected to participate in this
study. The innovative image processing and CT scan methods were used to
calculated the Q angle in supine position. Pearson’s correlation coefficient was
used to estimate the correlation between these two methods. The results indicated a
significant relationship (P=0.001) between Q angles obtained by innovative image
processing method and CT scan method (r=0.92). Based on these findings, the
innovative image processing method had a high correlation with CT scan method
in Q angle measurement in supine position. It can be concluded that the innovative
image processing method can be used as a method with high accuracy along with
other methods to measure Q angle.