Author = Mohammad Hossien Alizadeh
The relationship of functional movement screen scores with flexibility, speed and agility in 17-15- year- old male students

Volume 13, Issue 2, July 2021, Pages 227-237


Mohammad sadegh Armanfar; Reza Rajabi; Shahnaz Shahrbanian; Mohammad Hosein Alizadeh

Effect of Fatigue on Ground Reaction Force Variables During Single-leg Landing in Athletes With the History of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

Volume 11, Issue 1, January 2019, Pages 13-22


Komeil Dashti Rostami; Mohammad Hossein Alizadeh; Hooman Minoonejad; Hamidreza Yazdi

Validity and Reliability of the Persian Version of Oslo Sport Trauma Research Center Questionnaire on Health Problems (OSTRC)

Volume 10, Issue 1, June 2018, Pages 17-1


Seyed Hossein Mirkarimpour; Mohammad Hossein Alizadeh; reza rajabi; Anooshirvan Kazemnejad

Relationship between mental skill and sport injuries in soccer players of Tehrans team in premier league

Volume 6, Issue 2, November 2014, Pages 89-102


Karim Biglar; Mohammad Hossein Alizadeh; Mohammad Khabiri

The Comparison of Dynamic Balance in Males with Different Foot Types

Volume 3, Issue 1, April 2011, Pages 5-20

vahid ghasemi; reza rajabi; mohammadhosein alizadeh; komail Dashti Rostami

The Comparison of Scapula Position and the Endurance of Scapula Retractor Muscles in Hyperkyphotic and Normal Girls

Volume 1, Issue 2, October 2009, Pages 23-58

sara cheshomi; reza rajabi; mohamad hossein alizadeh; farshid agha beigi

The Comparison of Dynamic Balance in Female Futsal Players with and Without Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome

Volume 1, Issue 2, October 2009, Pages 55-122

negar kourosh fard; mohamad hossein alizade; sedighe kahrizi